Hey everyone, Jonsey here.

Day 1 in change of ownership has been going well, but with all changes, some pains are bound to happen.

We had some issues with hcaptcha as some of you in discord reported, thanks for reporting those  issue. But at this time, hcaptcha should be back up and running. 


There are still issues to address going forward and I would like to assure you that every effort is being made to fix the problems as best we can. Please keep reporting any problems you have in discord, as you are the best resource we have for knowing when something isn't working as planned.

We are still having some issues with new registrations, but our hopes are to have them fixed by tomorrow at the latest. We have isolated the cause of the problem at least.

We have more accounts to change over and will continue to process those changes as the new accounts become active. 

The team has some exciting news coming in the near future so stay tuned!


In the coming days you will probably start seeing more of me. Feel free to say hi, ask questions, etc.

It's late for me currently, and I have to be awake in 4 hours, so off to bed for me!

More updates coming tomorrow.


- Jesse
Systems Administrator

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