- all payments so far preceed, if i forgot one, feel free to open a ticket, i will do it directly after reading the ticket
- we fixed some and created some new problems, sadly that is how it works, no one is perfect, but we try to get best experience for you how possible. sadly for few didnt worked it out, for others it worked out. we facing still some hash return problems for some users at mining, but mining works for many others.
- ad problem is solved, and bringing small payout back in to the cycle
- sad is still that we lost pollfish and adgem, but replacement will come, and on task list for september is to add lootably wall, with you get passive income by watching
- shortlinks payouts are increased up to 200%, i wanted to do it. for myself, from user perspective, it was much lower than other pages, now we are able to compete and i am happy that it works really well

- how above told, lootably
- i will increase the offerwall earnings again, it seems still to low, return is good, so we can risk a higher payout for the users
- i will bring a weekly achievments, more in announcment the days, what i can tell you now is that its starting at sunday 4th september for offerwalls and shortlinks, more informations following at friday
- freebits should get restricted for earners, i will make vote-by-emoji, so you can decide which way is better for you, a certain number to achieve for access, or a weekly min earning in $ to get access
- timewall postback fix, that its going auto as usual, still not fixed, but its in september task list
- contest giveaway to win a advertising package of 15$ (announcement will come at friday with all you need to know about it)

i thank you all for your patience with me, i hope we will doing better step by step, if not, feel free to contact me, i am open for discussions to make the project best as possible.

happy earnings and cya in chat


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