We faced a lot of problems the last time, the most big issue was the bad traffic.
I considered to block countries, but it seems that the strategy to fight back is working well.
Last days i banned successful over 600 bad accounts, which making the traffic now more legit for the providers, i am still on banning in mass,
but its now much less than days before. Seems to work well.
What we achieved is good, too. We added new shortlinks, we got theorem reach on board, fixed some problems, the max. deposit limit is now much higher, bad ads are gone now (if not pls contact me).

Leads me to the shortlinks:
We faced some problems with the traffic. Users doing shortlinks at several pages, means i dont get payed for some traffic, thats why i needed to adjust the views per ip and some of the rewards, sadly neccessary, i lost money with it, and i am not mad about it.
Some of you are not able to do other tasks, so its ok when ppl are site hopping, as long the income is stable to pay all users and not losing money. Good is that we found replacement for the missing views per ip, and i think rewards still good comparing to other sites, we are still having a high number of shortlinks, which makes the traffic still good. That is solved from my side now, but i need to tell you that changes can happen any time when i see leaks in the earning traffic.

What we doing now is the biggest of all, we added SCC-StakeCubeCoin. Its not live, yet.
I will refill the balance next time and announce it when its ready for withdraws. Thats in my eyes the biggest improvement of all, because the demand for SCC is really high, and the oppertunities to get it really low. It should be ready for earnings in the next 1-2 weeks.

Next big provider to add will be bitlabs, i really enjoy the surveys from them, high success rate and the payment to the users seems ok. But adding bitlabs means to add 2 walls, a survey wall and a offerwall. I need to have patient with it, because last month i added to much and was almost in trouble with the outcome. But all is stable, thats the most important for the users.

Thanks for supporting Faucet of Bob
and i wish you a happy grinding.


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