recap of the last months.

problems are solved now, the new payment times helping me a lot, i need to keep it in feb like it is right now. but at next month the referal contest gets 50% of the regular reward. slow increasing helps to handle the user gain, otherwise i get in trouble with mass payouts again.
the problems with the rewards are now fixed, i dont pay more as i earn anymore.

we got new walls, new shortlinks, some shortlinks are done, but most important, i keep paying in time. if there is some delay in payment, means only that i am super busy and trying to fix the budget, right now its all fine and we can allow our self a small up to handle the new users right.

what you can expect for the next months?

we planning big, and making all bigger as it was in past, new things incoming which i cant tell, yet.
but you will get the roadmap in time, preparing, development, testing and going live. what i can tell you for now is, you will get much more for your membership. thats why i increased slow the prices for it.

some changes will come of the memberships, but it will be all much better for the earners. i still keep fighting, and found a way to go around the state issue i have here. bad is when i grow the state recalculate my income and reduce it from my money, means bigger site, higher payouts, less money to pay, but we found a way to fix that problem, lets hope it work out, than i can make the announcement for the huge steps for you.

happy grinding and cya

(i dont care about grammar :D )

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