There was an announcement on the expresscrypto chat by achchou admin regarding the EXS.

This is no longer a stable coin but a TRC-20 token. To facilitate the conversions on faucetofbob for all our partners who pay in USD we favor a stable coinfor deposits and direct withdraws.
This is why we have temporarily removed the direct withdraw and the deposit while replacing EXS with USDT.

The bit ratio has changed but the USD value remains the same.

For the moment the purchase prices (membership, ptc, banner) remain unchanged the time to finish the changes but this will be changed just before putting back in place the deposit and the direct withdraw. The difference in value between EXS and UDT is roughly x4.6 and will be applied to your pruchase balance as well as the purchase amount.

Thank you for your patience while I make all the changes on the site.

Link concerning the EXS: tronscan

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