Hello everyone, I regret to announce the closure of the site on July 31, 2022.

First of all thank you all for the wonderful time spent with this community but I have to close all my crypto sites.

This beginning of the year has been difficult since the closure of expresscrypto and it has not worked out with other platforms that require KYC like coinbase.

The main reason is the evolution of regulation and repression on cryptocurrency in my country and it is becoming more and more difficult to stay legal without paying huge taxes. Over the past few months, my bank has repeatedly blocked my crypto purchases and this will quickly lead to fines if I don't stop soon.

I invite you all to learn even more the universe of crypto because it is changing very quickly this year and many things are being put in place to generate gains such as staking, masternodes, yield, play to earn, web3 and other things wonderful that cryptocurrency brings to us.

Thank you again everyone and I will try to keep as much contact as possible on discord and other.

Regards, Bobcash

upgrade of 05/04/2022: Jobs for promote deleted.

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